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Cotswolds Frequently Asked Questions

Whatley Manor Hotel & Spa Luxury Hotel in the Cotswolds

Whatley Manor Hotel & Spa Luxury Hotel in the CotswoldsQuite simply blissful

The Aquarias Spa is a place to restore mind and body, to reset and recharge. The beautiful honey stone building exudes a calming and relaxing environment that whispers “switch off” as you walk through the doors.

Immerse yourself in the experiences, the indoor/ outdoor hydrotherapy pool; stretching out on the heated stone recliners, indulging in the therapeutic benefits of the salt scrub showers and thermal suite.

Energise, the gym is fully equipped with cardio, weights, the latest equipment and an airy studio space.

Pamper, experience one of our treatments, expertly delivered to provide the ultimate benefits and deliver results.

Relax, enjoy the space, enjoy the tranquillity and allow yourself the luxury of time to unwind.

Updated on Wed, 06 Feb 2019
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