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Cotswolds Finest Attractions A-Z

Snowshill Manor (NT)

Snowshill, Gloucestershire

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Snowshill is a National Trust property, a complete ‘one-off’ and especially worth visiting on those days when the weather is a bit iffy. Essentially a medieval manor with an attractive garden, the whole thing was ennervated by a chap called Charles Wade. Wade began collecting at an early age and, over time, filled the house with a collection of objects from around the world. All this took place from the early 20th century onwards.

Stanton Village Church

Stanton, near Broadway, Gloucestershire

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There are many churches in the Cotswolds. In fact many are known as ‘Wool Churches’, a reflection of the fact they they were funded by successful - and heaven seeking - wool merchants from Medieval times onwards. Visitors are rightly directed to the churches at Burford, Lechlade or Norhtleach as examples of the type. 

Some churches have an even older story to tell  - Stanton Church, for example. We’d say that a visit to this village, with its church, High Street , cricket pitch and pub provides what many visitors to the Cotswolds are looking for. 

Sudeley Castle

Winchcombe, Gloucestershire

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Sudeley Castle is set in prime Cotswolds countryside just outside Winchcombe. The current buildings date from the 15th century, although its roots are older. 

Woodchester Mansion

Nr Nympsfield, Stroud, Gloucestershire

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Woodchester Mansion is an enigmatic visitor attraction. It’s a one-off, run by its own charitable trust and a unique listed Victorian Gothic revival mansion in a Cotswolds valley, near Nympsfield. Now, the word ‘unique’ is one of the most heavily used words in tourist brochures - but here’s why.


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