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Chris Dee
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Stanton Village Church

Stanton, near Broadway, Gloucestershire

Stanton ChurchThere are many churches in the Cotswolds. In fact many are known as ‘Wool Churches’, a reflection of the fact they they were funded by successful - and heaven seeking - wool merchants from Medieval times onwards. Visitors are rightly directed to the churches at Burford, Lechlade or Norhtleach as examples of the type. 

Some churches have an even older story to tell  - Stanton Church, for example. We’d say that a visit to this village, with its church, High Street , cricket pitch and pub provides what many visitors to the Cotswolds are looking for. 

It’s likely that there was a Saxon church here, but the earliest surviving traces are Norman (about 1200). Seekers of architectural detail will find a Gothic pulpit (14th c), ana Fifteenth century glass and font. Rood screens and reredos by Sir Ninian Comper. 

What really hold the visitor’s attention are the stillness and atmosphere. And there a few small details that catch the imagination.  By the door, on the left, remains of some benches that are unusual, dating from a time when it was usual to stand in church. They were for the aged or infirm and suggest one interpretation of the phrase “the weakest go the wall”.

Elsewhere in the church it stops many visitors in their tracks to realise that the grooves worn into the wooden pew ends at the back of the church were caused by the chains of the sheep dogs tied there by their owners as the attended church over the decades, and the centuries. 

On the wall there's a list of the, only, 39 men who have been priests and vicars here. The list begins with Robert Tueing, in the year 1269. It puts things in perspective. 

This small town’s charming High Street leads up to the Mount Inn, a great walkers’ pub at the top of the village. The High Street may look familiar to Sherlock Holmes fans, The classic ITV production, with Jeremy Brett, used the location for the Last Vampyre episode. 

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Russell’s is nearby,  in and around Broadway.

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