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Snowshill Manor (NT)

Snowshill, Gloucestershire

Snowshill ManorSnowshill is a National Trust property, a complete ‘one-off’ and especially worth visiting on those days when the weather is a bit iffy. Essentially a medieval manor with an attractive garden, the whole thing was ennervated by a chap called Charles Wade. Wade began collecting at an early age and, over time, filled the house with a collection of objects from around the world. All this took place from the early 20th century onwards.

Snowshill Manor is no museum though. Charles Wade revelled in decorating rooms, in visual effects and in surprising and delighting his friends and guests. There are thousands of objects, from Samurai armour to toys or ancient keys.

Expect to spend an hour or so exploring a series of rooms that have been set out to entertain. There are no labels and plenty of hidden corners. Wade himself lived in the Priest’s House in the garden which is worth a visit in its own right.

Allow a little time to explore the village too - it may look surprisingly familiar to you, especially if it's snowing. Snowshill is where the winter scenes for Bridget Jones’s Diary were filmed.

Snowshill Manor
WR12 7JU (for sat nav)

01386 852410

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Snowshill Manor

WR12 7JU

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