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Chris Dee
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Snowshill Lavender

Snowshill, Gloucestershire

Snowshill LavenderSo photogenic that they’ve had to ban drones, the unlikely sight of Provencal-style fields of lavender in the Cotswolds is now a popular attraction. 

Snowshill Lavender (the business is actually called Cotswold Lavender) turned heads when it first opened a few years back. The first plantings were in 2000.

You can’t see much from the road these days, they’ve planted hedges and introduced an admission fee too. 

Snowshill Lavender is especially popular with visitors from Asia. The Japanese love the association of lavender with English gardens and the Chinese love a selfie here. That’s because  a well-known Chinese film star posted honeymoon pictures of herself in the lavender fields of Provence. 

Snowshill Lavender is a pretty sensual experience for all visitors in fact. Rows of subtly varying shades of lavender stretch out over an undulating field, the bees buzz and the scent is released as you brush against the rows of plants. 

There are 120 miles of rows and nearly half a million plants.

A shop over the road offers everything that you might need  in terms of lavender (and possibly a few things that you don’t). Lavender aids sleep and is also good in the battle against moths in the home. It’s a versatile plant. Did you know, for example, that lavender custard is a thing?  

The shop’s products are carefully made and not tested on animals.  Recently they have begun to grow camomile too. 

If you’re planning a visit bear in mind the time of year.  Peak lavender viewing time is usually mid-July after which it is harvested.

Cotswolds Finest Hotels Nearby

Snowshill is not far from several hotels, especially Cotswold House and Lords of the Manor.

Snowshill Lavender

Hill Barn Farm Cottage, Snowshill
WR12 7JY

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