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Review of The Hare and Hounds Hotel, Westonbirt near Tetbury

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Westonbirt is a perfect example of one of those tiny Cotswold places that you might drive through in a blink, but is full of history and stories. Westonbirt House was one of the most expensive of its time - built by the Holford family, whose family fortune came from the New River Company - which brought fresh water into London.

The Painswick, Painswick

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This dowager lady of an hotel, which has lived many lives over the years has had a sympathetic facelift and yet a new name ’The Painswick’.

Since a sale in 2005 this dear old Palladian hotel has drifted slightly out of control, changing hands too often - no one wanting,...

The Village Pub, Barnsley

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Say the word 'Barnsley' to many people and they will imagine the slightly down at heel northern town, with a past reliant on coal mining, glass making, flat caps and ferret racing - and at one time home of George Orwell, that is when he was not living near Painswick , the...

Potager Restaurant at Barnsley House, Barnsley, Nr Cirencester

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Sunshine, a rare sight recently, greeted us in Barnsley. Inside the welcome was also very sunny, from a friendly staff with Sian in charge. We were led to our table and looked after delightfully for the next two hours plus. A simple but comprehensive menu was perfect for Sunday lunch particularly in the roast beef department, though there was a good showing of fish.

Russell's of Broadway

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In the charming Cotswold honeypot village of Broadway, Worcestershire, there was a furniture factory where Gordon Russell  carried the banner of the Arts and Crafts  movement and skilled craftsmanship well into the 20th century.


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