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Cornbury Music Festival

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Like the 80s and 90s Never Ended

Rumours of the cancellation of this annual festival were greatly exaggerated last year and it’s ON for 2018.

Cotswolds Show and Food Festival

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The Cotswold Show mixes a chance to spot the mustard-trousered Cotswold brigade in situ with the opportunity to encounter some other traditional aspects of Cotswolds Life, old and new.

Cheltenham Science Festival

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A Leading British Festival of Science

Cheltenham Festival of Science certainly covers some territory. You’ll find talks, demonstrations and hands-on sessions that cover a bewildering range of subjects, from nano-technology to very large planets. Sessions are usually an hour long and this is a festival for the layman, so it’s hard to be bored. The organisers put a special emphasis on childrens’ science too.

Bourton House Garden

Bourton on the Hill, Gloucestershire

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First thing - don’t head to Bourton-on-the-Water to see Bourton House Garden. The garden is at the bottom of the single street village called Bourton on the Hill, which is about 12 miles away from the other Bourton. Bourton on the Hill is near Moreton in Marsh, near Batsford Arboretum.

Kelmscott Manor

Kelmscott is near Lechlade, Gloucestershire

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Visiting Kelmscott Manor is an atmospheric experience. Leave your car in the village, on one of the few days of the week when the Manor is open (Wednesday or Saturday) to walk to William Morris’s home. You’ll pass cottages, barns and meadows, and experience some ‘old’ Cotswolds.

Model Village

Bourton on the Water, Gloucestershire

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Bourton on the Water is famously attractive - the word ‘cute is quite often used.

Cuter still is the Model Village, a 1/9th scale model of Bourton, built using Cotswold stone. It’s one of the Cotswolds’ most instagrammable locations, as you get to play the role of a giant for a while, striding past rows of cottages and churches. You can cross over the River Windrush in a single step. 

Snowshill Manor (NT)

Snowshill, Gloucestershire

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Snowshill is a National Trust property, a complete ‘one-off’ and especially worth visiting on those days when the weather is a bit iffy. Essentially a medieval manor with an attractive garden, the whole thing was ennervated by a chap called Charles Wade. Wade began collecting at an early age and, over time, filled the house with a collection of objects from around the world. All this took place from the early 20th century onwards.


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