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Hotel Cotswolds Action: film and TV locations

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The Cotswolds has a unique offer for film location managers: hotel, Cotswolds, scenery, built heritage and natural beauty all combine to make it an attractive location. Here are some famous locations and their real life names - which may help to explain why certain places look familiar to you when you visit for the first time. In fact, the Cotswolds in general also pop up in BBC Countryfile, because Adam Henson’s Cotswolds Farm Park is near Naunton.

Quirky hotels in the Cotswolds

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Cotswolds Finest Hotels was created to help people planning a visit to the Cotswolds to find their way through the almost overwhelming choice of hotels in the Cotswolds. Our partnership of twenty plus hotels cover inns, town house hotels and manor house hotels. We’re not a chain so there are plenty of quirky things to discover amongst all that tradition.

Hotels Cotswolds Action!

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If the setting of your Cotswold hotel is strangely familiar, it may well be because so many of the villages and landmarks in the Cotswolds have been used as a film or TV location.

It seems that the love affair between hotels Cotswolds and film crews is eternally mutual.


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