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Abbey House Garden

Malmesbury, Wiltshire, SN16 9AS

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Abbey House Gardens, is a stone’s throw from Malmesbury Abbey and is a significant garden in the Cotswolds. It shot to fame under its previous owners who were naturists and could be seen at work in the garden covered by little more than a tool belt or strategically-placed rosebud. Outraged locals (we're told that some were so outraged that they had to stand on a box for a better look) calmed down after a while. Fame followed, with Gordon Ramsey and Alan Titchmarsh/BBC Gardener's World amongst those who filmed the Adam and Eve experience. 

Rollright Stones

Near Long Compton, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire

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The Rollright Stones are an ancient group of stones near Long Compton, just outside Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire. Both circle and outlying stones come with stories attached - and one particularly enticing legend. 

Nature in Art

Wallworth Hall, near Twigworth, Gloucestershire

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Nature in Art is a bit of a one-off. Basically it’s a gallery dedicated solely to art inspired by nature. A permanent collection includes art from the last 1500 years and there are visiting exhibitions and artists at work. There’s an outdoor sculpture area too.

Stanton Village Church

Stanton, near Broadway, Gloucestershire

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There are many churches in the Cotswolds. In fact many are known as ‘Wool Churches’, a reflection of the fact they they were funded by successful - and heaven seeking - wool merchants from Medieval times onwards. Visitors are rightly directed to the churches at Burford, Lechlade or Norhtleach as examples of the type. 

Some churches have an even older story to tell  - Stanton Church, for example. We’d say that a visit to this village, with its church, High Street , cricket pitch and pub provides what many visitors to the Cotswolds are looking for. 


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